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Welcome to the MECCA Lab Wiki!

This wiki exists to empower members of the UNC MECCA lab to work together in a collaborative, organized, and productive way. This page contains resources for getting started on the wiki, as well as links to ongoing projects and useful resources. If you have suggestions or requests for this page, please head over to Talk:Main Page and make a suggestion.

This wiki will only be as useful as we make it, so let's edit together! You can help by creating a page from this list: Special:WantedPages

Key features

This site offers some key features that make the wiki a useful tool:

User pages
Every user gets a User page which should contain certain information but can also be customized.
See an example here: User:jal
Project pages
Users can create pages for ongoing projects to share ideas and resources.
See Active Projects
OKRs help clarify important objectives and focus groups of people on achieving clear, time-bound milestones.
On this site, OKRs live on Project and User pages.
Categories allow us to aggregate pages with related content (e.g., all pages with OKRs).
See a list of all categories here: Special:Categories
Same engine as Wikipedia
This wiki uses the wikimedia engine, the same that Wikipedia uses.
Any page you create here can be easily copied over to Wikipedia or Wikiversity.

Getting Started

Active Projects